Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Standing on One Leg

So today I am practicing how to stand on one leg.  I've started reading the Chi Running book, and am trying to learn the correct posture for this new technique.  I'm also downloading songs with the target cadence onto my ipod.

Not that I'm doing any running at the moment.  My hamstrings are just now healing again, so I am taking this very slowly.  I'm walking around barefoot in the house, and plan to buy some minimalist shoes this weekend for short walks.  Apparently I have to build up to running in them.

In any case, I sure hope this works!  It certainly makes sense, and explains my chronic injuries -- something no doctor has been able to do for the past thirty years!  And I simply refuse to give up yet.  I am determined to conquer this problem once and for good! 

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