Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chi Running - An Exercise in Futility?

Chi running...  An exercise in futility or the solution to my problems at last?  Two physical therapists, an MRI, yoga classes, and a month of inactivity later, I am turning to chi running with the hopes that I might finally conquer my hamstring problems.  Nothing else has worked.

The philosophy behind it makes sense.  I used to get shin splints in the pre-padded running shoes era, and have been tearing my upper hamstrings ever since.  Could changing the way I stride be the key?  The people in the you-tube tutorials certainly seem to be gliding along nicely.  When I try it, though, I feel extremely awkward.  How can I lean forward like that?  And I have no idea where my feet are landing.  I think I'm landing in the mid-foot area, but are my feet under my shoulders or out in front?  Maybe my husband can take a video, and I can figure it out.   I think I need expert analysis.  More googling and research ahead....

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