Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready to Run

The metronome I ordered to check my cadence just arrived...apparently straight from China. It's an "M50, with delicate appearance design, exquisite and small." Also according to the box, it is "a professional mini meronome multi-functional, have a professional test about tap function and stereo earphone jack is available." Hmmm....  The enclosed instruction sheet tells me what to do "if un-normal sight show up," (wait ten seconds to "reload"), that I should "make sure the battery is under correct positive and negative side," and finally: "If the product needs to improve and upgrade, change without prior notice." I can't wait to try it out!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is Change Afoot?

As the days continue to get shorter, I might have to change my running time.  This isn't an easy decision.  Unless I exercise as soon as I finish my morning coffee, I invariably find an excuse not to run.  This morning was a case in point.  An unexpected rain shower made it darker than normal, so I decided to wait until it got light...and then abandoned my training schedule altogether. So I really need to exercise first thing after I get up.  But I hate the thought of running in the dark!  Not only is it scary, but I'm afraid I'll trip and get hurt.  What to do, what to do...

Monday, August 26, 2013


As if the diesel fumes weren't bad enough, a skunk sprayed half the neighborhood during the night! I managed to do my usual 1-1/2 mile loop, despite the nauseating smell.  I had hoped to extend my distance this morning, but between the disgusting odor and exhaustion due to a weekend "cross-training" (i.e., doing two days of back-breaking yard work), I hurried back into the house instead.

Friday, August 23, 2013


At what point does hope and optimism turn into a delusion?  I took yesterday off so as not to strain my hamstrings, and thought that maybe the rest would give me more energy today. But instead of feeling invigorated and peppy, I felt even worse!  I managed to do the entire one and half mile loop without stopping, but only from dint of will.  What is wrong with me? Am I ever going to see an improvement? How can I feel so bad?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The New Normal

Feeling miserable seems to be my new normal.  I made it around the neighborhood loop again today, teetering on the verge of collapse, my lungs sawing with every step.  But no matter how awful I felt, I ran a mile and a half again, nonstop.  That's progress!!!  My next step is to devise a training schedule and set some realistic goals, such as adding a quarter or half mile to my distance every week.  It's time to plan!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Diesel Feud

No matter what time I go on my run, a neighbor with a big pickup truck always drives past me, enveloping me in diesel fumes.  I'm beginning to suspect that he watches for me to leave the house so he can time his departure with mine.  But despite the daily dose of carcinogens, I made it up both hills and around the block this morning -- A MILE AND A HALF NONSTOP! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mohammad and the Mountain

The Mountain
Mohammad has come to the mountain! I conquered the first of the two hills on my course, and ran ONE MILE NONSTOP!  Admittedly, it's just a small slope, nothing to get excited about,  but it sure felt like I was running up a mountain, especially since I forgot to use my inhaler before my run.  And better yet, I did it on my birthday.  So today, as I gasped and wheezed my way around the neighborhood, I had something else to celebrate besides my last year in my 50's.  I can actually run a mile!
Side View