Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Waiting for the Verdict...

The MRI was fun: thirty minutes of listening to new age flutes and whistles through my headphones while a jackhammer pounded in the background, punctuated by screeches and clanks.  One good thing about running, though.  I've gotten good at ignoring discomfort, including alarming sounds.  In fact, the so-called "spa" music got on my nerves more than the construction noise.

Of course, as soon as I got home I couldn't resist putting the CD they gave me in my computer and checking out the results.  After spending half an hour scrutinizing the blobs and blurs, I decided that either half of my left hip is missing or I have no idea what I'm looking at.  Hopefully the doctor can figure it out. 

So now I wait for the verdict.  Is there a marathon in my future?  Or am I destined to spend my old age plodding along on the treadmill, mentally reliving my glory years?  Stay tuned to find out...

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  1. We need a lunch date... that's all I'm saying.