Monday, December 17, 2012

Total Humiliation

Talk about a setback...

Today I had my worst workout ever.  Since I'm on grand-dog sitting duty, I decided to combine my workout with his walk and run outdoors for the first time.  I planned to do a four-mile loop through our slightly hilly neighborhood.  The weather was perfect -- cool and cloudy.  The timing couldn't have been better -- everyone was at work or school, so no one was around to watch.  Even the dog was great.  The leash was long enough, and I was slow enough that he had several seconds to stop and sniff every mailbox before I yanked him along.

But I couldn't run!  I was literally back to one minute intervals!!!  It was as if the last month and a half hadn't happened at all.  Nothing hurt, but my lungs were on fire and I was utterly exhausted.  I made it one mile -- mostly walking -- and gave up.  I was so depressed.

The only bright spot was that I spotted a woman who runs even slower than I do.  She was shuffling through the neighborhood in slow motion.  Really slow motion.  The bad news is that she was still running when I quit.  Even she can fun farther than I can.

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