Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reality Check

Since I'm not going to run the Marine Corps Marathon on my treadmill, I must face facts: I'm pretty much back to zip.  The conditioning I've been gaining on the treadmill means nothing outdoors. I can hope that all that gasping and sweating has done some good, but the brutal truth is that I either have to abandon my plan to run the marathon or start over.

And since this idea was insane to begin with, I might as well continue with the lunacy.  I mean, why act practical now?  So I've decided that I'll start running outdoors twice a week.  I'll treat those as my cross-training days since I won't be able to run more than a minute at a time.  Maybe I can start building up some endurance that way.  Ideally, the indoor conditioning will kick in at some point and I'll miraculously regain all that I've lost... Yeah, I know.  Dream on!

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