Friday, December 21, 2012

Should I Surrender?

This entire week has been a low point, and I've never wanted to quit more.  This morning I could only manage forty five minutes on the treadmill before utter exhaustion did me in.  I suppose I could look on the bright side -- that's forty four minutes longer than I could run at the end of October.  But I felt so miserable!  And now that I know it has no correlation to outdoor running, it seemed pointless.

I've read all sorts of opinions about treadmill running.  Some people claim that they've trained exclusively on treadmills, and then completed long road races with no problem.  Others say that you just need to set the treadmill on a slight incline to simulate outdoor conditions.  Yet others say it won't help a bit, that the conditioning you get on the treadmill means squat outdoors.

So to recap this week:

Monday - horrible, one mile jog/walk outdoors.
Tuesday - two slow miles on the treadmill, followed by various sprints.
Wednesday - day off.
Thursday - one mile outdoors, total misery
Friday - forty five ultra slow minutes on the treadmill (three miles?), culminating in exhaustion.

All my energy and excitement is gone.  I seem to be getting in worse shape as the days go by, not better.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I need a pep talk fast!!!

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