Friday, December 14, 2012

A Killer Christmas

Instead of blogging about my running progress today, I'm posting a clue for the Harlequin Romantic Suspense authors' KILLER CHRISTMAS game.  If you aren't playing the game, it's time to join the fun!  You can find all the details (including the prizes) here:

I'll choose one reader who posts a comment on my blog to win an autographed copy of HIGH-STAKES AFFAIR (or a backlist book of your choice).

Note: if you have trouble posting on the blog and still want to enter my drawing, just email me at: and I'll count you in. 

HRS Holiday Party Clue #2:  The Scene of the Crime.

Jessica slogged past the Lincoln Memorial.  Spectators huddled beneath makeshift shelters, taking refuge from the driving rain.  The runner ahead of her slipped, then abruptly slowed, causing her to stumble and nearly fall.  But this was the Marine Corps Marathon.  Her teammates were depending on her.  She'd make it to the finish line at the Marine Corps War Memorial, no matter what it took -- and no matter what that anonymous note in her pocket said.

Your clue is: The Marine Corps Marathon. 


  1. Thanks for the great prize, this murder mystery sounds like fun, just hope they're all posted before i go to bed in the Uk. Have a Happy Christmas and new year x

  2. Off to figure out the next clue - thanks for a fun mystery game

  3. I'm not sure what the scene of the crime is but hope it's the Lincoln memorial