Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doubling Down

I doubled my distance!  Okay, considering that my "distance" yesterday was about ten yards, that isn't saying much.  Still, I forced myself to go out and jog/walk around the block.  So far my longest jogging stretch is about two minutes nonstop, slightly downhill.


  1. The only advice I can give (as I am a VERY out of shape 60 year old) is "YOU CAN DO IT"!! My sis-in-law has run several, I will ask HER for advice!

  2. It's hard to imagine running a marathon when I can't even run a quarter of a mile, Sherry, but I'm trying not to think that far down the road. Right now I am just focusing on trying to get the Chi running form right so that I don't re-injure my hamstrings. I know that my endurance will increase with enough time. Whether or not I can build up the distance to run a marathon, I don't know. But unless I can stave off the hamstring injuries, that point will be moot.