Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Best-Laid Plans...

How can something that looks so easy on paper be so hard?  I calculated that if I increase my longest run by just half a mile per week, I can add two miles a month to my distance, which would put me in great shape for the marathon next fall.

So I tried to tack on an extra six minutes this morning...and nearly collapsed.  For once my feet didn’t hurt (the new shoes and high-tech socks must be helping), but my lungs were on fire and it took all my willpower not to stop. 

And whenever I tried to envision myself crossing the Marine Corps Marathon finish line (usually a good source of inspiration), the only image my exhausted mind could conjure up was of a deserted racecourse, the spectators long gone, the pavement littered with trampled water cups -- and me, staggering and gasping toward the finish line, so slow that they’ve already carted away the Port-a-Potties and First Aid tent, trying not to have a heart attack.

Exactly why did I want to do this?

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