Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rest day!  Time to reflect on the nuggets of wisdom I've gleaned over the past two weeks:

Good: After 35 years of inactivity, my old hamstring running injury finally healed.
Bad: Unfortunately, the rest of my body has aged during that time, and I have a myriad of bizarre new aches and pains to contend with.  The sore arches worry me the most.

Good: I love my new sports bras.  I'm still waiting for the shorts to arrive.
Bad: Just when I need arch support, running shoe manufacturers have embraced the barefoot craze and come out with flat, minimalist shoes.  This does not bode well for my feet.

Good: I actually ran a half mile.
Bad: Can I really go from slow, one-minute jogs to a marathon in one year? I fear that someone devised this training schedule as a joke, and I'm foolishly deluding myself that it can work.

Good: I have discovered that I can run even when nauseous.  I'm not sure why this is useful information.
Bad: The calories don't magically melt off the way they used to when I was younger.  Note to self: never run in Spandex in public!

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