Thursday, November 8, 2012

Discovery: A minute spent walking goes by way faster than a minute spent jogging.  How can  that be possible?

I have to do something about timing my workouts.  The display on my treadmill keeps blinking off and resetting, so I never know how far I’ve gone or what my pace is.  Right now (after warming up), I’m doing two minute jogs interspersed with one minute walks.  I think I did eleven of those, but I lost count.  I also threw in two one-minute “sprints” (i.e., slightly faster jogs) just to mix things up.

I've also discovered that I clench my toes while jogging.  Where did that habit come from?  It wouldn't be a problem except that the knuckles press up against my shoes, causing calluses.  I sure hope this isn't a sign of hammer toes or something as bizarre....

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