Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who would have thought that a hangover would lead to a running breakthrough?  After a dining adventure gone awry (duck served in some sort of awful sauce, plus three glasses of cheap wine -- two white, one red), I spent a sleepless night wracked with hot flashes and nausea.

The good news is that I felt so miserable on the treadmill this morning that I barely noticed the hip/arch/knee pain.  I was too focused on not losing what was left of that terrible duck.  The other good news is that I ran for a quarter mile nonstop!  Four times!  Maybe five (I lost count).  Somewhere in the middle of my warm up, my tired brain realized that if I ran for three minutes at a 5mph pace (12 minute miles), it equated to a quarter mile.

So I adjusted my workout to the following intervals: 3 minute slow jog, one minute walk, one minute very fast jog, one minute walk.  I did that five times (I think).  I ran less overall than I did with the 2 minute jog/one minute walk intervals, but a quarter mile jog still seems like an accomplishment.  If I just do that 105 more times back-to-back, I’ll have run a marathon!

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